It Starts With Our Children

Kristin Palumbo Longo

Kristin loved children. She was a mother of four and a beloved aunt to six.

As a registered nurse, she spent time working in the maternity department helping bring children into the world.

On Kristin's behalf and on behalf of our community, we recognize the importance of educating our children to give them the knowledge they need to build the foundations for healthy relationships.

Education & Awareness Can Save Lives & Deliver Results

Teaching young men respect and equality

Knowledgeable young men, taught at the right time about respect and equality of women results in fewer abusers and lives being saved.

Recognizing risk factors

Knowledgeable communities result in individuals recognizing risk factors in their own relationships.

Recognizing that someone might need help

Knowledgeable communities result in parents, families, friends, and co-workers recognizing that someone might need help.

Better resources

Knowledgeable communities provide better personal and professional resources.

Services that can be life-saving

Knowledgeable communities lead to more people accessing services that can be life transforming and life-saving.

Signs of abuse

When we talk about the signs of abuse and abusive relationships, members of the audience often realize for the first time that they or someone they know are in an abusive relationship.

Victim of violence

In 2014, 67 people disclosed to a community outreach presenter that she/he was a victim of violence or abuse—that’s at least one person per week.